OYO Rooms For Unmarried Couples

OYO Rooms For Unmarried Couples- Find Best Hotels For Couples

Are you a couple that loves traveling and exploring new places? Or maybe you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If is it so, then this post is just for you. Here we talk about how and where to best OYO Rooms for unmarried couples.

Couples do face a lot of issues when it comes to booking there stay together. Some hotels don’t have the policies to host unmarried couples, others just give you a taboo looks when you check-in together.

What can be worse than the reception asking if you are married? DUH!!

Now the big question…

Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Hotels In India?

Yesss, absolutely!!

There is no such law that prevents unmarried couples from staying together at the hotel if valid ID proofs are produced at the time of check-in.

And OYO Rooms for unmarried couples is such a great initiative by OYO that saves young couples from last minutes hassles.

It ensures that young couples have smooth check-in and stay. More than 80% of the OYO Rooms partners (only a few don’t) allow young couples to book their stay together.

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Book OYO Rooms For Unmarried Couples: How to Guide

You can easily book your stay either from OYO official website or its app. OYO Rooms provides a number of great and pocket-friendly hotels to choose from.

Book From The OYO Website

Enter the place, dates, and number of guests on the Home page and hit enter.

The next page comes up with many suggestions that fit your search query.

Click on the option ‘OYO Welcomes Couples‘ on the search menu. It will filter out the Hotels that allow easy check-ins to unmarried couples.

OYO for couples

Also, choose ‘Flagship‘ to find the OYO operated best hotels. These hotels are better than any other regular hotel as they are directly operated by OYO.

Choose from many options available and book your ideal hotel as per your preferences.

Click here to check couple-friendly hotels on OYO Rooms.

Book From The OYO App

You can easily book a couple of friendly hotel room for your stay form the app itself.

Go to the OYO app. Enter your stay location, where you want to book your hotel, date(s) of stay and number of guests. Click on the search.

The following page shows you all the results according to the search query.

oyo rooms for unmarried couples

Click on the filter buttons on the bottom right of the screen and click on the ‘Collection‘ option

Choose ‘OYO Welcomes Couples‘ from the options to find all the couple friendly OYO Rooms.

Then, the following page will show all the couple friendly OYO properties.

You can then book OYO Room as per your requirement and budget.

Alternate option

You can directly contact  OYO Customer Care to book  a stay with your partner

OYO Customer care: 093139 31393

OYO team will be glad to assist you with your bookings. Share Place and location where you want your stay to be, and do mention that you need a couple-friendly hotel.

General Guidelines

These are some of the important things that you need to take care of when booking a hotel room(in general)

  • Guests need to be above 18 years of age to be allowed to check-in. So make sure you and your partner are 18+.

  • Valid ID proofs are required at the time of check-in. So make sure you have your ID proof like Aadhar card or Voter card for a hassle-free check-in.

Important: PAN card is not accepted as ID proof for check-in.

Also, once a room is booked, it is a good idea to call the hotel at the provided number.

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Being together is a great experience, whether you are traveling or spending some moments in privacy with your partner. OYO Rooms For Unmarried Couples make it possible for young couples to find some moments in private and enjoy each other’s company without any judgment. So for the next big adventure, Do consider OYO Rooms!


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