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OYO Room Cancellation: How To Cancel OYO Room Bookings

Oyo room cancellation is as quick and easy as booking an OYO room. If your plans have changed or your travel schedule is not matching, you can easily cancel OYO Room booking. But how to cancel OYO Room bookings?

In this post, I am going to tell you three simples ways for OYO room cancellation. All three ways are simple and straightforward. You can choose either of the ways to cancel your booking at OYO.

Let’s dive into and explore all the three ways.

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OYO Room Cancellation: In 3 Simple Ways

Here are the three ways you can cancel your booking at OYO Rooms. All three ways are easy to follow.

Do read the OYO’s cancellation policy at the end of the article to understand how much refund you would get depending on the number of booked rooms.

Cancellation Through The Official Website

You can cancel your stay at OYO Rooms through their official website.

OYO rooms cancellation- home page


  • Click on the Login option on the menu bar and login to your account. Once logged on click on manage booking under the profile tab. You will find all your bookings(previous as well as current) on that page.


OYO Rooms cancellation-step 2


  • Under the Booking History, you will find all your latest and past bookings.
  • Select the booking that you want to cancel. Click on the ‘View Details’ option to see details and proceed for cancellation.


OYO Rooms cancellation-step 3


Click ‘CANCEL THE BOOKING’  link at the end.

Your OYO rooms cancellation has successfully initiated, and you will get confirmation email and SMS within a few minutes. You can go forward and apply for another booking if you want to.

Click here to visit OYO’s official website.

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Cancellation Through The OYO App

OYO official app also helps you with OYO Room cancellation. Whether you are using an Android device or an IOS device, booking and cancelations, payments can be easily done by the OYO app.

Just download the official OYO app for your Android or IOS devices.

  • Enter your registered phone number to login to the app. Make sure your phone has a network so that SMS can be received. Service charges may be applied to initiate the OTP request.

OYO room cancellation via app

  • Within 2 to 3 minutes, you will receive 6 digits OTP. Enter the OTP in the required field and login to the app.

OYO room cancellation: main page

  • Now click on the ‘Bookings’ option from the footer menu. You will find your past and upcoming bookings. Click on the booking which you want to cancel.

Cancel booking

  • Click on ‘Cancel Booking’ to cancel your stay.

You will get an SMS with a few minutes regarding the OYO room cancellation.

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Cancellation Through Support Helpline

You can also contact the OYO customer to cancel your booking.

OYO customer care number: 093139 31393

Call on the above number with the registered phone number that you used for booking. Tell the booking details to the OYO Customer Service representative and ask to cancel the booking.

And that’s it!

Booking will be canceled within 5 minutes and you will receive a confirmation email and an SMS regarding the same.

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Best Payments Option

If you have paid the booking amount in advance, then the applicable refund amount will be credited to your account within 7-14 working days. So, as a customer, it is best that whenever you book your stay, never pay upfront if you are doubtful about your plans.

Paying once you reach the hotel and confirm your stay is best as it saves you from unnecessary hassle regarding refunds. You can pay with a different online payment option even at the hotel. It is not compulsory to pay cash only.

But if you have paid for your stay in advance, following are the OYO cancellation and refund policies you need to keep in mind:

Cancellation and Refund Policies

OYO rooms do not charge any cancellation fee if you cancel your booking within 10 minutes of creating the same.

1.Free Cancelation Within 10 Minutes Of Booking

For example, you booked a room at 10:20 am. And If you cancel the booking within 10 minutes before 10:30             am, you won’t be charged any cancellation fees.

 2. For Booking Up To 3 Rooms

When cancellations 24 hours before the booking date there is no cancellation fee for up to three rooms.                     You will get a 100% refund of any payments done at the time of booking.

3. For Booking Of More Than 3 Rooms
  • 100% booking amount will be refunded if the cancellation is done before 30 days or more prior to check-in date
  • Cancellations between 15 to 30 days of the check-in date, 50% of the booking amount will be charged as cancelation fees.
  • Less than 15 days of the check-in date, 100% booking amount will be charged as cancellation fees.



These were a few ways through which you can easily cancel your booking with OYO. Please read the cancellation and refund policies properly before cancellation as some cancellations may be chargeable. And if stuck at anything during cancellations, feel free to contact OYO Customer Service. They will help you with every issue.

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