OYO Relationship Mode: What Is It? Is It Safe? How to Activate?

Are you looking forward to booking a hotel room with your partner to spend some quality time together? And if that’s so, OYO relationship mode can help you find the best couple-friendly hotels in your area.

Let us admit it, it is hard to find a peaceful place to spend time together for couples. And booking a hotel room is one of the best options.

So, OYO Rooms introduced a new filter to find the best couple-friendly hotels easily! Let us learn more about it in detail.

OYO Relationship Mode – Everything You Need To Know

OYO had officially launched Relationship Mode in the year 2017 and since then it has been a great success.

India, where it is hard to find hotels for unmarried couples, it was indeed a great initiative, breaking the social barriers.


A substantial number of our customers are in the age group of 18-30 years and this category could be served best with such initiatives.We are not catering to a niche audience, neither is this a gimmicky marketing tactic. As a customer-focused business, we are identifying and solving problems that can impact the stay ex perience. With this launch, we are making sure couples can identify and check-in to their OYO without any hassle.

– Kavikrut, chief growth officer, OYO Rooms

What Is OYO Relationship Mode?

OYO relationship mode is a ‘couple filter‘ in the OYO Rooms booking website and application that helps couples to find couple friendly hotel rooms easily.

OYO Rooms has partnered with more than 13000 hotels in India. And not all of them accept unmarried couples as their guests.

So what relationship mode does when turned on is, it filters out all the hotels that do not accept unmarried couples and shows only those hotels that welcome unmarried couples as their guests.

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Is OYO Relationship Mode Safe?

Safety is the most important concern for any unmarried couple staying in the hotel room.

Is the hotel that you booked online safe? Do they ask any unnecessary questions at the time of check-in? Do those hotels treat unmarried couples any different?

These are some common questions of unmarried couples booking OYO rooms for the first time.

Well, Hotels booked through relationship mode are safe for couples. These hotels treat unmarried couples similar to any other guests in the hotel.

No unnecessary questions are asked at the time of check-in. You are asked for your valid ID proof like Aadhar card, Voter Id and Driving Licence.

Also, these hotels respect couples’ privacy. No unnecessary door ringing for drinking water or other amenities. All that will be provided at the time of check-in.


How To Activate Relationship Mode In OYO

Activating OYO relationship mode in both, the booking website and the app is very simple and straight forward. Let us look at them one by one.

Activating OYO Relationship Mode On The Website

1.  Go to oyorooms.com and search the hotels in the desired location for the desired dates.

2. Once you have the list of hotels, go to filters, and in the ‘Collections‘ section you will find ‘OYO Welcomes Couples‘. Tick that box and all the couple friendly hotels will be shown in the results.

OYO relationship mode - website

Activating OYO Relationship Mode On The App

1. To activate relationship mode on the app, and click on the menu on the top left of the screen.

2. Then click on the profile tab on the top of the list.

OYO relationship mode mobile

3. Click on ‘Unmarried’ if ‘Married’ is selected. You will find an activation button once you do so

4. Activate the button. You will be asked to select the city mentioned in both of your ID cards to find the couple friendly hotels in the city.

OYO relationship mode mobile-2

That’s it! That’s how you activate the relationship mode on the OYO app.


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How To Book OYO Rooms In Relationship Mode

Once you have selected relationship mode, you can easily book rooms.

On the website,  select the ‘OYO Welcomes Couples’ option as mentioned above in the article.

You will find the list of all the couple friendly hotels available in your provided location.

Click on the ‘Book Now’ button to book the hotel that fits your budget and location.


On App, Once you activated OYO relationship mode on your profile, search for hotels in your desired location.

You will find a list of hotels according to the input you provided.

Select the hotels that fit your budget and book your stay. Simple!


So, that was all about OYO Relationship Mode and how to activate it and book hotel rooms. If you find any difficulty in using the feature, you can contact customer care. They will be happy to help you find the best hotel for your stay.

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