Is OYO Rooms Safe For Unmarried Couples

Is OYO Rooms Safe For Unmarried Couples – Complete Information

Looking to spend some quality time with your partner? Want to book a room together at OYO?  Is OYO rooms safe for unmarried couples and guarantees safety?

There are lots and lots of questions that pop into your mind when you book a room with your partner

In this post, we will be talking about these topics and know if OYO is safe and worth to stay with your partner.

There are lots of glitches when it comes to booking a hotel room for unmarried couples. The society where couples walking hand in hand is seen as taboo, leave aside they staying in a single room.

There is a sense of insecurity most of the couples face when it comes to booking their stay together. Which hotel to choose from? How to talk at the reception? and what not?

Some hotels do not allow unmarried couples check-in others may ask weird questions like are you married, Are you couples and what not.

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Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Hotels In India?

Yes absolutely!  There is no law in the Indian constitution that prohibits an unmarried couple from booking and staying in a hotel room.

Nither the Supreme Court of India states any rules related to hotel booking for unmarried couples.

However, checking-in a couple is at the discretion of the hotel owners/managers.

But the good thing is, most of the hotel rooms that OYO partners with are those who welcome unmarried couples without any queries.

And my suggestion is to select those hotels who are couple friendly and have no issue with an unmarried couple being their guests.

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You can check the list of couple-friendly OYO Rooms hotels by selecting the option ‘Couple Friendly‘ in the filter.

The image below shows how you can do that.

OYO for couples

Also, I recommend you to select the ‘Flagship’ hotels for your stay. OYO Flagship hotels are affordable hotels that are serviced by OYO and are located at prime locations.

So you can OYO Flagship hotels are the safest hotels in terms of location and services.

You can see all the Flagship hotels by selecting ‘Flagship’ in the category section(shown in the above image)

Now, let us talk about the main points. I have shared why OYO rooms are safe for couples and other helpful tips.


Is OYO Rooms Safe For Unmarried Couples?

Yes, absolutely!

OYO Rooms are safe for unmarried couples. You can book your rooms without any worries as the hotel staff at OYO are very helpful with check-ins.

Their services are great for young unmarried couples. They provide the best services that ensure a great stay. Right from the check-in to check out, OYO rooms services tops on every list about hospitality for couples.

Secure and Private:

Oyo Rooms gives top priority to the security and privacy of its guests. You can be tension free about it and enjoy your stay together.

Trained staff:

OYO hotel staff are well trained and qualified to guide couples during their stay. They are polite to there customers and listen to every issue brought to them.

They help with quick check-ins and understand the importance of privacy.

OYO hotels are well rooted and operated under a great code of conduct. It ensures that you and your partner experience great hospitality during your stay.

24×7 Support

There is 24×7 support available from the team OYO team. If there is any issue regarding check-in, payments or anything during the stay OYO Customer service has got your back.

They assist you with everything to make sure that you had a great stay.

Local IDs accepted

Most of the OYO Hotels accept Local IDs as well. Meaning even if you are from the same city as of the hotel, you can still book your stay together.

This is great for local unmarried couples who seek to spend some quality time together.

Relationship Mode

OYO’s Relationship mode helps you to quickly find the hotels who accept unmarried couples. When activated, it shows all the hotels as per your preferences.

This saves you from reading policies of each hotel whether they accept unmarried couples or not. So just turn on the Relationship mode when you book your hotel.


Tips For Couples For A  Great Stay

  • Carry valid ID proofs with you at the time of check-in. you need to produce a national ID card for a quick check-in. Make sure your name and photo are clearly visible on the ID card. Voter ID, Aadhar card, driving license will do. Keep in mind that PAN card is not accepted as an ID card for the check-in
  • Call the hotel for half an hour before your arrival. Though this is not a must, it is good to tell them when you are reaching.
  • Look at the reviews of guests about the hotel before booking a room. Find the hotel with the best reviews. And always go to hotels which you find best, even if they cost little more than other hotels.

These are some points you do need to consider before booking a hotel room with OYO.

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I hope you have got your answer to ‘ is OYO rooms safe for unmarried couples ‘. Yes, they are. They provide great service,

In my personal experience, OYO rooms are always great. And I hope this post gives the answer to the question ‘Is OYO rooms safe for unmarried couples’. So without any worries, you can go ahead and book your stay at OYO.



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