Is Goibibo Safe For Unmarried Couples

Is Goibibo Safe For Unmarried Couples? – Detail Information

Looking to book a hotel room for you and your partner on Goibibo? But is Goibibo safe for unmarried couples?

Well, in this post we see if you should book a hotel room o Goibibo and it reliable and safe for unmarried couples.

Also, we will talk about all the things to keep in mind before booking a hotel room on Goibibo.

Goibibo is one of the leading hotel booking sites in India with this much….. But is it safe for unmarried couples? The answer is Yes!.

As a couple, you can book a hotel room on Goibibo. It is safe and reliable. But make sure you find the right hotel for your stay and read the hotel policies before making the final payments.

Let us learn more about booking a hotel on Goibibo for unmarried couples.

Is Goibibo Safe For Unmarried Couples?

To understand this question in detail, let see what Goibibo actually is.

Goibibo is an Online Travel Agency(OTA) that provides a way for the customer to book accommodation online. What Goibibo does is it partners with different hotels and lists them in its site.

Customers can choose from the hotel list according to budget, location and book hotel rooms as per their preferences.Goibibo Hotels [CPS] WW

What Does It Have to Do With Safety Of Couples

Now, since Goibibo partners with hotels, it doesn’t have complete control over hotels. Besides the Goibibo couple friendly policy (discussed later), hotels may have their own policies.

So, Everything depends on which hotel you choose to stay in. If you select a good couples friendly hotel from Goibibo, I assure you you won’t face any problem regarding your safety (this applies to all other OTAs like OYO,, etc).

You can find all the couple friendly hotel on Goibibo by selecting the ‘Couple Friendly Hotels‘ from the filter.

Goibibo couple friendly hotels
Goibibo couple friendly hotels

It shows all the hotels which accept unmarried couples. Compare the ratings and reviews by the customer before booking a hotel room.

Since the hotels on the list are couple friendly, they make sure you are safe and feel comfortable.

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Goibibo Couple Friendly Policy

Can Couples book hotel rooms?

Yes. Couples can book hotel rooms. There is no that stats doing so illegal or anything like that. Nor the constitution of India prevent couples from booking hotel rooms for themselves.

Booking a hotel room and staying together is a private affair. And no one has the right to breach your privacy. If someone does so is committing a crime and will have to face the consequences.

The following things are required to book a couple-friendly hotel in Goibibo.

 – You both need to be 18 years old and above.

– You both must have valid ID proof at the time of check-in.


How To Ensure Your Safety During Your Stay At Hotels

The following things need to be kept in mind whenever booking a couple-friendly hotel room on Goibibo or any other hotel booking sites.

Choose The Hotel Carefully

The location of the hotel is very important. Book hotel that is easy to reach and not located at the exterior of the city. Also, check the reviews and ratings of the hotel. The ratings should not be less than 4.2 out of 5.

Do Not Forget Your ID Cards

Hotels won’t let you check-in if you fail to produce identification proofs at the time of check-in. So make sure you carry your ID cards along with you.

Also, hotels do not accept PAN cards as valid address proof so you must have any of the other ID proofs like Aadhar card, Voter ID, Driving license, etc.

Contact Hotel Before Reaching

It is best to contact the hotel once you have booked a hotel room on Goibibo. Tell them you have booked a couple-friendly hotel room and will be arriving with your partner. You can ask them about their policies about unmarried couples to make sure they are good at their end with unmarried couples being their guests.



I hope you got the answer to your question – Is Goibibo safe for unmarried couples. Goibibo is a great place to find a budget and couple-friendly hotel rooms. But their services depend on the internal policies of individual hotels.

So, make sure to check all the policies carefully before booking a hotel room. Also, as stated above, why not give a call to the hotel, once you book a hotel room to make sure everything is okay. All these steps will ensure safety during your stay at any hotel.

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Goibibo Hotels [CPS] WW

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