Is Reliable And Safe

Is Reliable And Safe? – Based On Real Reviews And Data is one of the top names in hotel booking companies. But is reliable and safe? Is it a genuine site to book hotels?

In this post, I am going to review on based on Customer reviews, available data, and personal experiences.

But before going in detail let us see the quick answer to the question – Is Reliable And Safe?

Yes! is a reliable and genuine company when it comes to booking hotel rooms. It is a company that has made its name in hospitality industries because it’s good service and ease of use.

Although at times a few customers may some issues with booking, we have got some tips to make your stay at the hotel hassle-free.

Is Reliable And Safe

Established in 1996, is one of the largest online accommodation reservation service company. Not just hotels, but the company provides services like online flight booking, car rentals, and airport taxi booking services.

With 1,550,000 rooms booked every day, boasts to cover 154,195 destinations in 228 countries and territories worldwide. app and websites are available in 40 different languages across the globe.

Booking .com Real Customer Reviews

Let see some of the real customer reviews across different review sites on the internet.

Trust Pilot

On there are 17,176 reviews at the time of writing this article. Out of which 7557(44%) have given 5 stars for their services, 1717(10%) people have given ‘great’ rating, 687(4 %) have rated its service ‘average’, 687(4 %) said provides poor service and 6526(38%) of those people have rated services poor.

Trust Pilot Ratings
Trust Pilot Ratings


Consumer Affairs

On, has a 3 out of 5-star rating. 2352 people have left reviews for on the site and following are the ratings:

Consumer Affairs Ratings
Consumer Affairs Ratings

What Makes Reliable?

Let us see some of the points that make a reliable and genuine company to book hotel rooms.

Free Cancellation Until One Day Before Arrival.

There is no cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your booking at There is no cancellation fee until the previous day of check-in.

This makes booking a hotel room with risk-free and you are sure that your money will be refunded if you cancel your booking.

Pay At Hotel Payment Option

Nowadays provides the option to pay the reservation fee at the hotel. Though this option may depend on the hotel, most hotels that have a tie-up with have ‘pay at arrival’ payment option.

Thus, you don’t need to pay anything at the time of booking. That means you can cancel your booking anytime without worrying about cancellation fees or the refund.

Flexible Policies

One thing that makes customer-friendly is its flexible policies. You can change the date of check-ins, edit guests’ details, request an extra bed in case some of your friends decide to join you on the trip.

All that you can do directly from the reservation page. In other booking sites, You need to get in touch with customer support executives, and that too doesn’t ensure that your requests are entertained. Customer Support

The customer service of is very prompt in helping its customers. They are available 24*7 to help you with issues related to booking, cancellation and payment issues.

You can get in touch with customer support via call, live chat, and email.

What Makes Unreliable

Although is a genuine website and a top brand in the hospitality industry, there are a few issues customers face at the time of booking and stay.

Rooms’ Price Keep Changing

The price of hotel rooms keeps on changing frequently. Their price keeps changing throughout the day. So it makes really impossible to predict the time to get hotel rooms at the cheapest price.

But this is the case of all other hotel booking sites as well. All the hotel booking websites work on demand and supply formula.

When more people are looking to book hotel rooms, the price of the room automatically increased by their algorithm.

So, it is better to book a hotel room 2 to 3 days before the planned check-in date. Booking too many days in advance doesn’t ensure that you would get the room at a cheaper price.

Communication Gap With Hotel Owners

Sometimes the hotel owners are not aware of the booking made on their hotel. fails to notify about the bookings and this may lead to a lot of trouble at the time of check-in.

Booking Sold Out Rooms

Now, this is a frequent problem when it comes to booking a hotel room. Since the hotels can reserve the room for their guest(direct booking) without updating it on the portal.

Thus, at the time of the booking room at that hotel, it may show the rooms unoccupied, but in reality, the rooms are already booked.

This may put you in a problem at the time of check-in. You may have a valid booking ID but when you reach the hotel, you are told the all the rooms are sold out for the day.

Not just, but all other hotel booking sites have similar issues.


How to Make Sure Hotel Booking Safe And Secure

Here are some tips to make your hotel stay safe and hassle-free. Follow the tips to avoid issues related to check-in, cancellation, and refunds.

Check The Rating Of The Hotel

Always check the rating of the particular hotel you want to book your room in. Read the reviews of other customers before booking.

Choose a hotel with at least 8 out of 10 ratings. Read the reviews of customers about hotel staff, food, hygiene, and other stuff.

Also, do keep in mind the location of the hotel. The hotel must be easily reachable and at a good location.

Always Opt For Pay At Arrival Payment Option

As stated earlier in the post, has ‘pay at arrival’ payment option. You can book a hotel without paying a single cent. You need to pay at the time of check-in.

My recommendation is to always go with this option. As with this option then is no worrying about cancellation fees and refund if you wish to cancel your booking at the hotel.

Also, if you book a room with ‘pay at hotel’ option and later if the price of the rooms drops or you find a better deal on any other site, you can easily cancel the booking and book on that site.

It is a win-win situation for you. Your money is not stuck and you have the ultimate freedom to cancel your booking anytime without worrying about the refund.

Call The Hotel After Bookings And Before Arrival

Although, when you book a hotel room with, you as well as the hotel owner get notification about the hotel booking made by you. You may also get a call from customer service asking you about your arrival time.

But it is always better to give a call to the hotel to tell them about your booking. Also, to tell them your arrival time and to let them know about special requirements if any.

Why I recommend doing so is sometimes the site algorithm might not work properly and mistakenly book a room at the hotel which is already sold for the day.


So, That’s our review of What do you think, is reliable and safe for booking rooms and flights?

Do let us know about your experience with Do let us know in the comment section. We would definitely add them to the article.

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