How To Use OYO Money

How To Use OYO Money – Everything You Need To Know

If you are looking to book an OYO room then the OYO money wallet can save you some buck on the booking(and who doesn’t want that!). But how to use OYO money?

Well, in this post we talk about everything about OYO Rooms‘ virtual currency.

You will get to know what is OYO money and how you can use it while booking and for payment. Also, we have covered some FAQs at the end of the article to clear all your doubts about it.

How To Use OYO Money- For Booking And Payments

Before learning how to use it, let’s first learn what actually it is. That will help you understand its usage and benefits.

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What Is OYO Money

OYO Money is one of the two virtual currencies OYO has. The other one is OYO Rupee.

It is a promotional amount that can be used to pay for booking in applicable properties. The usage of this virtual currency is city and property-specific. And since it is a promotional credit, its usage is limited to booking and payment.

You can find your OYO money on your profile page.

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OYO Money Usage Policy

You can use 10 to 30 percent of OYO money of the booking amount while creating a booking from the official website or application.

That means you cannot use all of it to pay for the booking.

For Example, let us assume you have 1000₹ in your virtual wallet. And you wish to book a room for 1200.

Then the maximum you can use from the wallet is 120₹ to 360₹ (10% to 30% of the booking amount).

How To Use OYO Money For Payment?

So, how can you use it while booking rooms?

Well, using it is really simple. You don’t have to do anything to redeem it. OYO calculates the applicable amount at the time of booking and deducts it from your wallet automatically.

As mentioned above, this virtual currency is city and property specific. That means it is possible that it might not be applicable to some of the properties.

How To use OYO money

But, if it is applicable in the property you wish to book a room then it will be auto deducted from your wallet when you create the booking.

The percentage of booking amount to be paid from the OYO wallet depends on the property and is decided by OYO Rooms. You cannot choose the percentage (10% or 30%) of the booking amount to be paid from the OYO wallet. These things are done automatically.

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How To Get OYO Money

Well, since it is a promotional amount, it is credited through different offers and coupons. Also, it is sometimes credited to the wallet with a completed hotel room booking.

It cannot be earned by using referrals. It is promotionally added to your wallet automatically.

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Why OYO Money Is Not Applicable?

As mentioned above, it is applicable to specific cities and hotel properties. So, if the hotel doesn’t accept, it won’t be applicable and you would be able to use it for paying the booking amount.

OYO Money Applicable Hotels – How to Find Them?

Nope, this virtual currency is not applicable to all hotels. You can know if the hotel accepts it or not on the booking page.

If the hotel accepts then the amount to be deducted from the OYO wallet will be shown on the booking page.

And if it is not applicable on any property, it will be mentioned as “Oyo money is not applicable for this property”.

OYO Money not applicable

So you can say that the only way to find if it is applicable in a hotel is to check on the booking page.

What Is OYO Money Usage Limit

As of writing this article, the monthly usage limit is 25000₹ per month. You cannot use more than the fixed limit.

OYO Money Expires In How Many Days?

Usually, the expiry date is 30 days to 180 days. You can check the expiry date on the profile page.

How To Transfer OYO Money To Paytm?

OYO wallet is a closed wallet and the amount credited is for promotional purposes only. They are just credits that can be used for hotel booking and other services.

So technically, you cannot transfer any money from the wallet to Paytm.

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This was all about how to use OYO money and everything related to OYO’s virtual currency. You can contact OYO Customer Care to learn more about it.

Also, since it is a promotional method to hold on to its customers, this virtual currency comes with an expiry date. So it is advised to keep an eye on it to avoid getting it unused and expire.

We hope you found the article helpful. If you have any questions, do ask them in the comment section.

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  1. My girlfriend and I had a pretty bad experience with oyo just today. We had booked a room on line for $26 so that my girlfriend who is homeless right now would have a place to rest up and take a shower tonight someone had sent her that money so she could do that. She put what ever lil money she had left in her gas tank and headed to the oyo on east skelly drive off of Yale by the red roof inn. We get there and they want a $50 security deposit that they said nothing about on the web site so we had to cancel the booking.beings how she paid with pay pal they would have to put it back on her card. Which could take days! Then we find out there is a $26 canceling fee which is the exact price of the room so they tried to keep the money for a room she didn’t get to use! And she’s homeless someone tried to do something nice for her and oyo tried to basically cheat her out of it! That is completely unprofessional and bad business. I will tell as many people as I can not to do business there every chance I get cause that was just plain not right! Doing it to anyone is wrong but doing it to someone who’s down on her luck is worse! She ended up having to sleep in her truck tonight because they held up her money and didn’t even offer to compensate her in anyway!

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