How To Book Hotel Online

How To Book Hotel Online In India In Just 4 Steps

Are you planning a trip for the upcoming holidays? Or maybe traveling along to another state for some work and don’t know how to book hotel online for your stay.

Then this post is just for you. In this post, I will guide you through step by step procedure to book a hotel room online.

Right from choosing the best hotel for your stay in the different ways you can pay for the hotel room.

We will see how you can book a hotel room through a Hotel Booking Site. This guide is applicable to both computer and mobile devices. You can book a hotel room on both the phone and the computer.

So, let us get started!

How To Book Hotel Online – Step By Step Guide

Let us see what are the important steps you need to take to book a hotel room.

  1. Choose the right hotel for your stay.
  2. Check for the room tariff, amenities
  3. Book a hotel room with available payment options
  4. Booking confirmation

1. Choose The Right Hotel For Your Stay

Now, be it a solo trip or a trip with family and friends, Choosing the right hotel is the most important thing to do. Following thing need to be considered before booking a hotel online.

  • The location of the hotel
  • Transportation services to reach the hotel

How far is the hotel from the main tourist point you are heading? Or is the hotel near to the office where you have to attend the business meeting?

Do consider these things before booking a hotel online. Make sure the hotel is easily reachable. It should be well connected to road and bus and taxi services are available in the location.


Visit the hotel booking site on your browser. In this post, we will be booking a hotel room through You can also book through Oyo Rooms or other sites as well.

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Booking With

Login to with your phone number.

FabHotels Login Computer
FabHotels Login On Computer
FabHotel Mobile Login
FabHotel Mobile Login

2. Enter the city or locality, date and number of guests to search the available hotels. The search result will show all the hotels available in the entered location. You can improve the search result by entering the more specific area in the search bar.

FabHotels Search Result


2. Check For The Room Tariff, Available Amenities

Check all the tariff of the hotel room available in that area. Choose the best hotel in your budget. and check for All amenities available at the hotel.

FabHotels Cosy Palace

Check for amenities in the hotel, if you are a couple then do check if the hotel is couple friendly and they do accept the couples.

FabHotels Cosy Palace Amenities
Amenities at the hotel

Also what type of ID card they accept for check-ins. Some of the hotels do not accept local ID cards(If you are from the same city where you are booking the hotel), but some of them do accept. So in case if you want to book a hotel room in the same city, find a hotel which accepts local IDs.

3. Book A Hotel Room With Available Payment Options

Click to book now button to book a hotel room in the chosen hotel.

The next page will ask you to enter the details of the traveler, phone number and email ID. Phone number and email Id is used to send the booking confirmation and transaction details.

FabHotels Booking

If you have any coupons, you can put it there for a discount.

Now the most important part: Payment

There is two option available(in most cases).

  1. Pay online
  2. Pay at hotel

Pay online means you pay along with booking through Debit card, Credit card or any other online payment methods. Though this is a very convenient payment method, if you cancel the booking is it may take 5 to 6 days to get a refund.

So, it is better to go with pay at hotel option. If somehow your plan changes and you need to cancel the booking, you need not worry about refunds and all.

Also, you can pay with a debit or credit card when you reach the hotel for check-in. So why to pay in advance right!

So click on Pay@Hotel option.

An OTP will be sent to your number, enter it in the pop-up box to confirm the booking.

FabHotels Booking OTP

4. Booking confirmation

And that’s it!

The next page will show the booking details. Also, you will get an SMS and email about the booking and transaction details.

FabHotels Booking confirmed

Things To Do After Booking A Hotel Room

  • Do not forget to bring a valid ID proof for your stay. Hotels do not allow any to check-in who fails to produce valid ID proofs
  • Do check the transportation facilities to reach the hotel.
  • The people at the hotel may call you to know your arrival time, so do let them know about your arrival.

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Now I believe you know how to book hotel online. Those were the 4 simple steps you need to follow ti successfully book a hotel.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure or if you want anything related to hotel booking and stay, do ask in the comment section.

Now, got ahead and book a hotel online! Cheers!!

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