Hourly Booking Hotels – Websites To Book Hotels On Hourly Basis In India

Believe me, hourly booking hotels are best it comes to short stays. Who wants to pay the whole a whole night stay when you actually stay for an hour or two? What can be better than paying just for the hours you stay at the hotel?

Be it a business trip, a small family trip, or you just want a room to relax before your flight, renting a hotel room for a few hours is a great solution.

Today most of the hotel charge for a whole day, making us pay for the whole day even when we leave within two hours. But the hospitality industry is continuously changing and they are becoming more customer-oriented.

They are working on customer interest and one of its examples is hourly booking hotels. It has indeed revolutionized the hospitality industry. Yes, now you can book a hotel room for a few hours.

Now you don’t have to pay for the whole day. You can book hotel rooms according to the hours you want to stay and say money. Isn’t it a great thing!!

In this post, we are going to learn about the top 5 hourly booking websites in India and how you can book your stay on these sites. These are the websites that provide hotels on hourly basis.

Best Hourly Booking Hotels Websites In India


Mistay is one of the leading hourly booking hotels websites in the country. They are changing the rules of hospitality by bringing flexibility in hotel bookings.

When booking with Mistay, you don’t have to book for an entire day when you use the hotel for a couple of hours. They have flexible booking options where you can book your stay as per your convenience and need. You just have to pay for the time you stay at the hotel.

Time slot: Mistay provides three-time slots in a daybook and stays at the hotel. They are: 8 am to 11 am, 12 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 7 am.

hourly booking hotels- Mistay

You can book your stay in any of the slots and pay for the hours you stay at the hotel. Booking in time slot means, you don’t have to leave the hotel at 11 pm when you have your flight at 2 pm. Also, the morning slot(8 am to 11 am) is great when you are traveling and want an early check-in.

Mistay partners only with the top hotels with 4+ star ratings. It ensures that you have a pleasant stay at the hotels. These hotels have great staff and amenities. There rating is maintained by TripAdvisor which is best in the industry.

The price of the hotel rooms is great. They start at just 360 Rs. In my opinion, this price range in just awesome if you get great hospitality and amenities at the hotel.

Couple Friendly and local IDs: Most of the hotels partnered with Mistay are couple friendly. You don’t need to worry about unnecessary hassle during check-in when traveling with your partner. But do check if the hotel is couple friendly before booking one 🙂

Mistay hotels do accept local IDs as well(though a few exceptions do exist). So you want to book hotels with your local ID, find the hotels on the site. Hotels that accept local IDs are exclusively mentioned on the website.


Brevistay is another hourly hotel booking website that lets you book as per your requirements. It lets you choose your stay duration before you book your hotel room.

You can choose to stay for 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. Unlike traditional hotel booking, there are no worries about check-in time. Book your hotel room according to your travel plan(reaching time etc) and easily check-in according to it.

hourly booking hotels- Brevistay

Be it a flight delay or short meet with the clients, Brevistay has your back when it comes to micro stay.

Brevistay hotels also provide 24-hour bookings in case you want to stay for a longer time duration.

Also, Hotels at Brevistay provide a couple-friendly environment. You can easily book your stay with your partner without any hassle. Brevistay hotels are safe and ensure that couples have great hospitality experience with them.


  • With Brevistay, you have open to pay at the time of check-in. It is always better to pay once you reach the hotel
  • For couples, Do look for hotels that accept couples. Most of the hotels do, but it is better to cross-check their policies before booking.

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Frotels is completely dedicated to the micro stays. They provide some great hourly booking hotels on their website. They have partnered with more than 800 hotels in 156 cities.

With Frotels, you can book your stay from anywhere between 2 hours to 10 hours. They have a great interface for booking hotel rooms which shows the option to choose the number of hours you want to book your stay for.

hourly booking hotels- Frotels

Be it business travel, or a family function like birthdays and marriages, or events like exhibitions or concerts. An easy to select or the most suitable Hotel is just what you need to enjoy and feel relaxed. And Frotels does the same provides the best hotels as per your requirements.


  • Unlike other hourly booking hotels websites, which provide slots for booking, Frotels provide the option to book for the exact number of hours for your stay. Be it 2 hours or 5, doesn’t matter, you will get a room easily


  • Frotels is relatively new in the industry of hourly hotels and has less number of partnered hotels. It is still expanding its business and in the near future, it will provide more numbers of hotels to choose from.

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Bookbyslot.com is also a great platform which works on pay for only what you use model. Similar to Brevistay, you can book hotel rooms on a slot basis. You can choose to book rooms for 4, 8 or 11 hours as per your convenience.

hourly booking hotels- Bookbyslot

“My Stay, My way” is the motto of the company and is continuously working on redefining the hotel booking process by giving travelers the convenience to book hotel rooms for a few hours.

The tariff of the hotel rooms begins from 500 Rs for four hours. It is a value for money when you want some relaxed time in between your travels and meetings.

BookBySlot.com has partnered with some big names in the hospitality industry like The Lalit, Treebo hotels, The Park hotels and many more.


  • You can choose either to book for 4, 8 or 11 hours. Also, you have the option to book for the whole day if you want to stay for a longer time.


  • They are a relatively newer company, so they have fewer reviews about the hotels on their website. Better check for hotel reviews from other sources before booking.


Hourly booking hotels have revolutionized the hospitality industry by giving more power and convenience to the customer. It is completely a customer-oriented model and will surely flourish in upcoming years. What can be better than working on customer interests in the hospitality industry?

Have you ever stayed at any hourly booking hotel? How was it? Do share your experience in the comment section.

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