Best Hotels For Unmarried Couple In Delhi NCR

Best Hotels For Unmarried Couples In Delhi NCR- Top 4 Couples’ Hotels

Are you looking for the best hotels for unmarried couples in Delhi NCR? Here is a list of best hotels unmarried couples can choose from to spend some quality time together.

Staying with your partner is still a taboo in India even in the 21st century. But thanks to these hotel chains, couples can now easily book hotels for themselves without worrying about any moral policing or being asked about their relationship.

Some of the hotel chains on the list have exclusive options for couples to book safe hotel rooms. Now couples can book their stay easily in any part of India.

Before seeing the list of hotels, let us see some of the important points when it comes to booking hotel rooms for unmarried couples.

Oyorooms [CPS] IN

Can Couples Stay In Hotel Rooms?

Yes, absolutely!. There is law in the Indian constitution that refrains couples from booking hotel rooms. Nither the Supreme Court of India states anything that can prevent unmarried couples from booking hotel rooms.

In fact, booking a hotel room is the best option to have some privacy and enjoy each other’s company. And this is your private matter so no one needs to have a concern about it.

There are a few basic requirements though.

1. You both need to be 18 years old or above.

2. You both have valid ID proofs.

And that’s it.


Best Hotel For Unmarried Couple In Delhi NCR

So now, let us see some of the best hotels you can book with your partner. Almost all the hotels in the list welcome unmarried couples.

But you are advised to check their policies at the time of booking(All the policies are exclusively mentioned on the booking page and can be found easily).

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is the best site to find couple-friendly hotels in Delhi. Almost all the hotels that have partnered with OYO welcome unmarried couples as their guest.

Also, the prices of OYO Rooms hotels are very affordable starting from just 600₹.

Although we recommend you not to go with the cheapest hotels as they may not be in a good location or have poor road connectivity.

OYO Rooms for unmarried couples in Delhi NCR
OYO Rooms for unmarried couples in Delhi NCR

Important Points To Consider While Booking Room On OYO

Go For Flagship Hotels

– All through almost all the hotel properties on OYO are couple friendly, we suggest you book rooms on OYO Flagship Hotels. 

OYO Flagship hotels are affordable hotels serviced by OYO. And this is the best type of hotel for couples.

You can select OYO Flagship hotels from the category tab of the filters(image below).

They are safe, affordable and are located in a prime location. Plus, since they are serviced by OYO they provide the best experience and service. The staff is also well trained and super helpful.

OYO Flaghip Hotels

Select Couple Friendly Hotel

If you do not wish to stay on OYO Flagship hotels then make sure you select couple-friendly hotels. These hotels have no issue with unmarried couples being their guests. All you need to have a valid ID proof.

Click here to book your stay on OYO Rooms.

Fabhotel [CPS] IN

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You can also find some of the best hotels for unmarried couples in Delhi on FabHotels.

Although this hotel chain is new as compared to OYO, still it has tie-ups with a lot of top hotel properties in Delhi NCR.

Most of the hotels on FabHotels are couple friendly and welcome unmarried couples. Those who don’t exclusively mention it on their guest policies.

Similar to OYO Rooms, you have to search for all the Couple friendly hotels on FabHotels as well.

FabHotels for couples
FabHotels for couples

Select that option to filter out all the hotels that do not allow unmarried couples(a few hotels). Then book the best hotel that suits your budget and location preferences.

Click here to see all the couple friendly hotels on FabHotels.


Stay Uncle

Stay Uncle is made just for couples! The site provides hotel rooms for couples on an hourly basis as well as day(s).

They only partner with hotels that accept unmarried couples in their property so you don’t need to filter out hotels that don’t. Also, they accept local ID cards.

StayUncle Hotels For Couples

Stay Uncle has partnered with 1000+ hotels in 40+ cities and is rapidly expanding. You can book a hotel room on Stay Uncle as well.



Treebo provides world-class hotels. And If you wish to have a perfect stay and make it memorable, go ahead and book a hotel room on Treebo.

Although the hotels are a little expensive as compared to other hotel chains but the prices are justified as the hospitality of the hotels is just great.

Make sure you tick the ‘Couple Friendly Treebos‘ From filters option to find all the couple friendly hotels in Delhi.

Treebo Couple Friendly Hotels
Treebo Couple Friendly Hotels

Click here to see couple-friendly hotels on Treebo.


Tips For Couples To Ensure Safety

Book Hotel In A Good Location

Always book a hotel in a good location. The hotel should be easy to reach and should be located in a good area in terms of area.

Do not book a hotel which is too far from the city and is isolated(no other hotels around)

Always Check Reviews Before Booking

Make sure you check the reviews of other customers about the hotel. And book hotels that have at least 4.2 or above ratings.

Do not always look for the cheapest hotel as cheaper hotels sometimes provide poor services. Hotels rooms with 1000₹ and above are the ones to go for.

Do Not Forget To Carry Ids

Having an ID is compulsory for check-ins in hotels. Do not forget to bring your ID cards as hoteliers won’t allow you to check-in even if you have paid the booking amount in advance.

Important Point:

Some hotels do not accept local ID cards, meaning if you have the same city mentioned in your ID card as the location of the hotel then the hotel may deny your check-in.

So make sure you read the hotel policies of the hotel before booking. Some hotels do accept local IDs. So If you are local to the city, book only those hotels.


So these were the website to book the best hotels for unmarried couples in Delhi NCR.  If you are planning to book a hotel room for you and your partner, you can choose any of the booking sites to mention above. But the best one is OYO. You can trust the website.

We keep on updating the list. If you know of any other hotels that are best for unmarried couples, mention them in the comment section along with your experience with them. We will definitely add them to the list.

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