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15 Incredible Hotel Hacks To Save Tons Of Money (In 2019)

Who doesn’t wants to save money on hotels? When traveling, money spent on hotels comprises of a large portion of total money spend your tour. What if I told you, I got 15 super awesome hotel hacks that can save your money during hotel booking and stay?

Here is the list of 15 awesome hotel hacks that you can use to save money on your next trip

15 incredible hotel hacks to save you some big bucks


Book hotel which is not too near nor too far (tourist hotel hacks)

Book hotel that is near to your destination or place of interest. Why I say so is that booking a hotel room too far from your place of interest may cost you less( in case of tourist spot), but again you will have to book a cab to reach that place.

Another thing is, booking rooms at the heart of a tourist place can cost you much higher than the general rate. So you will have to pay more.

The best solution for it is to locate the hotels that are not too far nor too near to that tourist spot. You can use a hotel booking website and google map for that.

hotel hacks - booking

Book directly at the hotel

Though using hotel booking websites are best for booking when it comes to convenient, but sometimes they charge more than the actual tariffs of the rooms.

So one of the best hotel hacks is, instead of using third-party apps, choose to book directly at the hotel. Ask them what is the cost for a night and I am sure, they will tell the tariff less than what is shown in the booking websites.

Be their regular customer

Being a regular customer means some awesome perks in terms of discounts and upgrades. Hotelier knows who you are and that you have stayed at their hotel before.

So you can easily ask for discounts for rooms. Sometimes they are happy to offer you an upgrade knowing that you are their loyal customer.

Call the reception for discounts

It is always a great idea to call the reception and ask for their price before booking hotels online.  Prices are shown online and what the reception guy tell you might differ a lot. So, it is best to give them a ring before booking.

Also, always keep the visiting card to the hotels at the time of check-out(or check-in). Who knows when you need to book a hotel room again!. So having their visiting card means, you have their phone number.

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Install hotel booking apps

If you are a frequent traveler, you might be knowing how the tariff of rooms keeps changing within hours. Sometimes the cost of the rooms is too high and within in a few hours, its price drops.

So to ensure that you get the lowest price,  hotel booking apps on your phone. In that way, you can check the price of the rooms easily without jumping to your computer. You can install apps of or

And whenever you find the best price, quickly book the room you want.

hotel hacks - hotel booking apps

Use coupons while booking

Check for coupons whenever you book your hotel rooms. There are many coupon websites like……… where you can coupons for a discount on hotel bookings.

Try applying those coupons for hotel booking. Also, these sites also provide some shit!!!

Subscribe to newsletters

This is one of the great hotel hacks for frequent travelers. Subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite hotels and hotel booking websites.

In that way, you will get a notification directly to your email address about any discount and offers available. Hotels send premium offers to their subscribers on some special occasion that you might miss if you don’t subscribe. Also, the hotel booking websites email coupons, offers, deals with their subscribers on weekly basis.

Look for free breakfasts

There are many hotels that provide free breakfast for their guests. Before booking room at a hotel, do check if the hotel provides free breakfasts or not.

Most of the hotel nowadays provide free breakfasts but some charge for it. So, booking a room at a hotel that provides free breakfast will save your money on breakfast.

Free wifi

Similar to free breakfast, some hotels provide free wifi and some don’t. So, before booking, check if the hotel provides free wifi or not.

But if the hotel doesn’t provide free wifi, get your wifi gadget with you so that you don’t have to pay for it there.


Loyalty program

Join the loyalty programs of the hotels where you frequently book your rooms. Also, some of the hotel booking websites also have loyalty programs.

The benefit of these loyalty programs is, you get hotel rooms for a discounted amount. Some loyalty programs give you 5% off on ever hotel booking. Others like give every 10th hotel booking from your account for free.

So if you are a frequent traveler, joining a loyalty program is a great way to save money.


Do your own Laundry

Do not ask for room service to do your laundry as they may surprise you with laundry bills at the check out time. Instead, do your laundry your self in the washroom.

Every hotel provides basic amenities in the washrooms like buckets and mugs. You can wash your clothes there. It will not only ensure that your clothes are safe and properly washed(who knows how they wash your clothes), but also save money that you would pay for laundry service.


Always ask for toiletries

Yes! here I am talking about the budget hotels. Sometimes you may not find toiletries in the washroom. Sometimes they forget to keep them. So, if they are not there, ask the room service before going out and buying them.

Well, who wants to pay for soaps and facewash after paying that much to the hotel!

Book hourly hotels for short stays

hourly hotels have revolutionized the complete hospitality industry. At hourly hotels, you can book hotel rooms on an hourly basis.

Say, you have a flight three hours. But you also want to catch some sleep before that.

If you go to regular hotels, they will charge you for 24 hours for your 4 hours stay. Money for 20 hours wasted!!!

So what you can do is, find a hotel that allows booking hotel on an hourly basis. There are many hotel booking sites that allow you to do so.


Order food online

This is one of the hotel hacks that you can use if you have a limited food budget and the food is not included in your room tariff.

It is generally seen that hotels charge a higher amount for foods than normal restaurants and shops. So what you can do is compare the hotel’s menu card to what you can get online. If the hotel’s prices are normal, you can get food from there itself, else you can order online.

hotel hacks - food online

Book at the time of the evening

Whenever you have to book a hotel room, try booking at the end of the day. That is because at the end of the day, most of the hotel rooms are booked and the book the rest of the rooms, hotels generally decrease the room tariff to even 50%. This is the best time to book hotel rooms.



So, these were the 15 hotel hacks that can save you money during hotel booking and stay. Have you got any hotel hacks of your own? Do share with us in the comment box.

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  1. I used to travel a lot and always look for the best hotel discount. For the same, I search for many websites but I didn’t get any.
    I read the above shared article and I like the article very much as it shares the very important points related to the saving while booking hotels.
    I implemented some of the given points and they really worked for me.
    Thanks for sharing this important stuff with us.

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