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7 Incredibly Useful, Money Saving Hotel Booking Tips

Admit it, we all want to save money and keep looking for hotel booking tips for the same. We all want to get the best hotel rooms for which is within our budget. But sometimes couldn’t find a great hotel deal.

In this post, I am going to share 7 useful hotel booking tips which can save you money.

Incredibly useful Hotel Booking Tips

Book directly at the hotel

I know that booking online is a convenient way to confirm your stay at a hotel. It makes sure that you will get the room on the day you want.

But when it comes to saving money, BOOK HOTELS DIRECTLY comes first in the hotel booking tips list.

Now, why do I say so?

If you go to book rooms from hotel booking websites like, the prices are shown there are always more than the actual room price. Sometimes the price may be double.

So, if possible, instead of booking hotel rooms online, book at the hotel directly.


If you book directly at the hotel the will always tell you the actual price of the hotel rooms. You can even ask for discounts, upgrades or any special arrangments if you book directly.

Keep mobile apps installed

Keep at least three hotel booking applications installed on your smartphone.

Why I say that is because different applications show a different price for the same hotel room!

Yes, you heard it right. Different prices are shown for the same types of hotel rooms a hotel. So having multiple hotel booking applications will give you chance to compare the prices of the same hotel room on different apps. And from all those prices, choose the one which is low.

Also, you might be knowing that the prices of the hotel rooms are not fixed. They keep on changing throughout the day. So having hotel booking applications will help you keep a track of changing prices. You can read more about why hotel room rates keep changing here

You can install app, app, and Expedia app

hotel booking tips - hotel booking apps

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Go for last minute bookings

NOTE: It is one of those hotel booking tips you should go for only if you are sure that you will get a room!

The prices of hotel rooms decrease rapidly as the day ends. Their prices are the lowest at 5 pm to 9 pm in the evening. That is because by that time most of the rooms at the hotel is booked and they look forward to getting all the remaining rooms booked. The room prices are reduced.

So booking hotel rooms at the time of the evening is best if you want to save money. The prices of the rooms can be even half of their actual prices.

Compare price from multiple hotel booking sites

Choose a hotel where you want to book your stay. And then compare its price at least 3 to 4 hotel booking sites.

Different hotel booking sites show different prices for the same hotel room. So, if you look for a hotel room from a hotel booking site and book a room right away, you might miss a great discounted price on the other site.

Look for coupon codes

Coupons can help you book a cheap hotel room. Always check for any available coupons for the hotel booking sites.

Some hotels do provide coupons in their deals and coupons sections. Check for them. Also, you can jump on a coupons website like for exclusive coupons for hotel booking sites. The best thing about coupons is, they are available almost all the time.

Just check some coupons sites like and Retailmenot Customer Service: All Helpline Numbers

Call reception

If you have contact details of the hotel, call reception before booking a room online. Ask for the price. Most of the time, the price they tell is less than the prices shown on the hotel booking sites.

Also, Do not hesitate to ask for any discounts as most of the time they do tell you a discounted amount if you directly approach them.

If you have stayed before at their hotel, tell them that as well. It will tell your loyalty towards the hotel and they may also give you upgrades and some additional perks.

These were the 7 hotel booking tips you should follow to save money on your next hotel booking.

Do not hesitate to ask for a discount, because you will be given, only if you ask.

Have you got any hotel booking tips that I missed? Do share them on the comments section and I will add to the list for sure.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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