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Can I Book Hotel In Same City?: 3 Important Things To Know

If you are looking for the answer to ‘Can I book hotel in same city?‘ you must be planning one for you or your friends’ stay. Then this article is for you.

In this post we talk about booking hotels in the same city, what all think you need to know, hotel policies accepted IDs for booking, etc.

We all know hotel rooms provide a great means to stay during travel to different places. They make our travel much safer and comfortable.

But when it comes to booking hotels in the same city as the address mentioned on your ID cards, then there are a few things you need to consider. Let us see them one by one

Note: Here local IDs mean guests’ ID proof of the same city as the hotel itself. For example, Abhay’s ID card has Delhi is printed as his home address, and he wants to book a hotel room in Delhi.

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Can I Book Hotel In Same City? – Detail Information

Yes! you can book a hotel in the same city as your local ID card.

But not all hotels accept local IDs, which means you cannot book any hotel and check-in with your local ID. In fact, some hotels explicitly mention denial of check-in to guests with local IDs.

So, you need to find those hotels that accept local IDs and then you can book a room with them.

Why Do Some Hotel Do not Accept Local Ids

Okay, first thing first, no law in our country says that hotels should not allow local people to book a room with them.

It is hotels’ internal policy whether to accepts local IDs or not. And the following may be some reasons why they don’t allow locals to book rooms.

  1. They do not want local people to do some crime and then stay at their hotel to escape for being captured.
  2. Even today, giving a room to unmarried couples is taboo in India. They might think giving hotel rooms to local couples might bring a bad reputation to their hotel.
  3. They want to serve tourists coming from other cities and countries. This will help them build a reputation. Also, Hotels can earn more money in doing so.

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How To Find Hotels That Accept Local IDs

Now let us see how you can find and book hotels with local IDs. We will be seeing how to find them on OYO Rooms, but you can apply the method on any other booking site.

1. First login to

Book oyo room in same city

2. Put your city name or just click on ‘near me‘. You will find all the hotels in that city.

OYO that accepts local IDs

3. On the left, you will find the filter section. Check the ‘Local IDs accepted’ option to find all the hotel that accepts local guest.

4. You can now book a hotel room as per your budget and requirements.


I hope this article was helpful in finding an answer to can I book hotel in same city?. It is always recommended to call the hotel room once you book a room to make sure everything is okay with them.

Also, sometimes hotels do not get a notification after a booking is done, so calling them once is a wise thing to do. You can also call OYO customer service if you face any issue.

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