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How To Book OYO Rooms In 3 Simple Ways

Confused about how to book OYO Rooms? Well, in this post we share three simple ways that will answer all your doubts related to how to book room in OYO.

Booking your stay during travel or adventure can be a tiring process, but you can book OYO Rooms quickly, all thanks to OYO rooms. You book a hotel room from their OYO official website, app or by directly calling Customer Care.

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OYO rooms provide nice hotel rooms to stay at affordable prices. It is best when it comes to convenient, budget and services.

If you are heading out and looking to book OYO Rooms for your stay, this post is exactly for you.

Let us talk about how you can book OYO Rooms in 3 simple ways.

How To Book OYO Rooms: 3 Simple Ways

You can book a room on OYO either through their website, app or by directly calling OYO Rooms customer care number.

Let us talk about them one by one.

Book OYO Rooms Through The Official Website

You can easily book your stay at OYO rooms through their official website.

Go to the site and search for a hotel, city or locality. Moreover, the site itself picks up the device location to suggest the nearest OYO Rooms.

Next, select the dates for your stay and the number of guests. And click search to find hotels around you.

book oyo rooms - home page

Select the ideal hotel for you according to the location, cost, and available facilities.

book oyo rooms- hotel list

The next step is the payment.

In the payments and guest details page, you will be asked for guest details like the name of the guest, email address, and phone number. Email addresses and phone numbers are used to send booking details to the guest once the booking is confirmed.

Also, you have the option to pay online or to pay once you reach the hotel. If you choose to pay at the hotel, the booking will be done right away and you can pay at the hotel.

If you choose to pay online, you can proceed with further payment procedures. Thus, you can conveniently book OYO rooms through their site.

Click here to visit the OYO Rooms’ official website.


How To Book OYO Rooms
How To Book OYO Rooms

Booking Through OYO App

You can book OYO Room through their app as well. Booking through the app is much faster and convenient.

Download official OYO Rooms app from play store for Android devices or app store for IOS devices. Windows users can follow this link to down OYO Rooms app in there windows devices.

Once the application is downloaded, Sign in to the app using OTP. It would take just 1 to 2 minutes to receive OTP.

Book OYO rooms- login

Once signed in, search for an area, location or hotel you want to stay in. You can also use the phone’s GPS to find the nearest hotels around you.

Next, choose your stay dates and the number of guests. You also can select particular localities to find your search.

Press Next and the following page will show you a number of hotels based on your search terms.

book oyo rooms- select hotel

Select a hotel that suits your budget, location, and requirements.

Once done, proceed with the payments. You can either pay online or pay at the hotel.

Pro Tip: Paying online at the hotel is best.

Call OYO Rooms Customer Care To Book Your Stay

The third way to your stay at OYO rooms is by calling them on their customer care number.

OYO Rooms customer care number: 093139 31393

Tell OYO Rooms representative your requirements like the place you are traveling(so that he can suggest the best deals in that location), your ideal location for stay, budget, and the number of days you want the booking.

Also, tell him if you have specific requirements like early morning check-in, check-in for unmarried couples, etc. Though complimentary breakfast is provided by most of the OYO properties, it is better to ask about it as well.

Once you share all these details, the OYO Rooms representative will book your stay at the best hotel that meets all your requirements.

OYO representative may ask for your email address so that the hotel and billing details can be shared with you. You will also get an SMS once your booking is confirmed.

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Again, you have an option either to pay online or to pay at the hotel.

If you want to pay online, you will find a link ‘pay now’ in the billing detail email. You can pay from there using your debit or credit card. You can also pay through internet banking.

Else, you can pay the booking amount once you reach the hotel.

These are three simple methods to book OYO rooms.

Important Things To Keep In Mind While Booking OYO Rooms

Location of the Hotel

It is one of the most important things to look at when it comes to hotel booking.

You would not like it to book a hotel and spend 3 hours searching for it. Mind it, it happens!

Choose a hotel that is easy to reach, and is located in a decent area from where other parts of the city can be approachable.

Read Hotel policies

Before you book a room at a hotel, do read the policies of the hotel carefully.

  • If the hotel allows unmarried couples are allowed to check-in.
  • Does the hotel allow check-in to guests providing ID proof of the same city as the hotel itself?
  • If the hotel allows visitors to guest rooms etc.

Early Check-ins

If you are traveling and will be reaching location early morning, then it is important to check if the hotel provides early morning check-ins.

Most of the OYO Rooms provide early morning check-in, 6 am onwards for free. But some of them do charge 30% of the average tariff.

You can find hotels that provide guaranteed early morning check-ins by using the filter of sunshine check-in.

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This was all about how to book OYO Rooms and three simple ways. OYO rooms are best when it comes to great service at an affordable price. Free breakfast and wifi, early check-ins are some of them. Do check their service next time when you plan for a tour or adventure!

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