Are Visitors Allowed In OYO Rooms

Are Visitors Allowed In OYO Rooms?

OYO Rooms have indeed revolutionized the hospitality sector in the country. They provide great accommodation and service at a very reasonable price. It is indeed great for guests but what if you have visitors? Are visitors allowed in OYO Rooms?

Long answer short. It depends. Here we are talking about having visitors in your room.

Visitors may or may not be allowed in certain OYO Rooms. It is completely up to the hotel’s internal policies. The hotel might deny the entry of visitors to the room. But in some OYO hotels, you can have visitors in your room.

In this post, we will talk about inviting guests to OYO Rooms. And what can be done if Visitors are not allowed?

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Are Visitors Allowed In OYO Rooms?

In the Hotel Specific Policies section in the Guest Policies of OYO Rooms, it is clearly stated that the entry of visitors in the rooms is at the hotels’ discretion.

Some hotels may deny entry of visitors to rooms. Please confirm with the hotel before inviting visitors into the rooms.

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So, it is completely up to the hotel to allow visitors to your hotel room. Some hotel may completely deny entry of visitors to your rooms other may permit them for specific time durations.

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What To Do If You Have Visitors?

● The first thing to do is to talk to the hotel directly before booking OYO Rooms. Tell them you want to book a room at their hotel and you a visitor. Tell them at what time your visitor may arrive and they are okay with it.

If they say that they will allow visitors, then you can move ahead and book a room. If not, call the next hotel from the list.

● Politely ask the head of the hotel staff to allow visitors. Tell him/her that you haven’t met them(visitors) for so long and they are coming to meet.

Also, tell them that there is no security concern and if they wish they can keep visitors’ ID cards(for the period they stay).

Although there is no guarantee, the manager may permit visitors’ entry to your room.

● Another thing you do is to contact OYO customer care and tell them your requirements. It is possible that they might help you find OYO hotels that allow visitors.

You can get details of OYO customer care here.

● Last but not least, Every OYO hotel has a lobby or meeting area, where you can sit and have a conversation with your visitors. You don’t even need the hotel’s permission to do that as the visitor is not entering the rooms.

You can meet your visitors there.

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Are visitors allowed in OYO Rooms is one of the most frequently asked questions. And hope that this article was helpful regarding that.

Also, I would like to emphasis that, the best help that anyone can provide in case of inviting the visitor to your hotel room is the hotel staff.

Talk to them and request them to allow visitors to your room. Although it not guaranteed that they will allow and there is nothing wrong in trying!

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