Hello everyone.

My name is Victor Ace. I am traveller, blogger and adventure lover.

I have travelled almost every part on India from Srinagar in North to Kanyakumari in South. I have also visited the Brahmaputra river in the year 2016. Amritsar, Delhi, Chennai are the top travel destination that I have already covered 🙂

I created this blog to share with you a most important part of any tour, i.e. staying at hotel rooms. Choosing a hotel during a tour is as important as the tour itself. Which location to choose, price range, what all service will you get out of hard earned money.

Here I share my experience of staying at different hotels, tips, and trick to get discounts, coupons etc.

If you are a frequent traveller, adventurer then this blog has some great stuff for you.

Here you will find:

  • Tips and trick for hotel bookings
  • Great travel destinations
  • Coupons
  • information about how to find the best location to stay
  • information about booking websites etc.

Thanks for joining me on this travel journey. If you like the blog posts, do share your opinions on the comment section as that would really motivate me to write and travel. Also if you have any suggestions, do contact me through the contact page on the website or you can directly mail me at thevictorace@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.


Victor Ace